2 Day Classes

Class Number 201

Flowers in the Snow


Class Title:  Flowers in the Snow
Teacher: Terri Bay

This class is an advanced level Hardanger doily which measures just under 10 inches point to point.  This doily is a sampling of filler stitches surrounded by a delicate lacey edge border.  Class time will focus on how to cut more efficiently, working the fillers, and perfecting the lacey edge - which really is not as difficult as it appears.  (Don't laugh, I'm serious!)  In order to do this, students will need to work the satin stitches and double cable diamond at home as pre-work.  This should take 14-20 hours, depending on how fast you work.  It is worked on 28 count linen with two sized of perle cotton.

Technique: Hardanger Design Area: 9 1/2" point to point
Proficiency Level: Advanced Kit Cost: $ 30.00
Pre-Work: Yes, 14 - 20 hrs  

Kit Contents:  28 count linen, DMC perle cotton size 8 and 12, needles, chart and instructions.

Class Number 202

East Meets Southwest

Class Title: East Meets Southwest
Teacher:  Margaret Bendig

This design reflects the colors of the southwest in a Japanese kimono.  It is a collection of laid stitch patterns and composite patterns, 29 different patterns.  The kimono is stitched with a combination of silks and metallic threads and ribbons on 18 count canvas. This kimono, unlike my others, has a stitched background to finish off the design. The bamboo background compliments the kimono and is fun to work. The design is composed of 4 values of 2 different silk colors with metallic threads to compliment each of the silk colors.  The original is stitched in oranges and turquoise with complimentary metallic threads. There is a second color way available in sage green and soft oranges.

Technique: Counted Canvas Design Area: 10 1/2" x 12"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $185.00
Pre-Work: Yes, approx 12 hrs  

Kit Contents: 18 count canvas, Au Ver a Soie silk, Kreinik braids and ribbons, needles, instructions, color photo and postage for mailing pre-work to student.

Class Number 203

Chrysanthemums in Autumn

Chrysanthemums in Autumn

Class Title: Chrysanthemums in Autumn
Teacher:  Marcia Brown

Chrysanthemums in Autumn is a collaborative creation between painter, Elsie DiCassio and Marcia Brown.  The beautiful hand-painted oval box was inspired by a unique scrimshaw box on exhibit at the Boston Society Museum in Boston.  It features a graceful chrysanthemum garland trailing around the box exterior which Elsie recreated in paint for us.  The painted lid depicts a colonial settlement in Autumn over a spray of chrysanthemums.  The box interior features a reproduction of the painted design in needleart on 32-ct. antique white linen using rich Autumn-toned silks and flosses by Gloriana and Weeks Dye Works.  These chrysanthemums sit atop the lids of two constructed inner compartments on either side of a handsome scissor channel.  Luscious checked and coordinated check/stripe silks are used for the linings and scissor channel.

Technique: Surface Embroidery, Finishing Design Area: Box, 9" x 5" x 4"
Proficiency Level: Basic Intermediate Kit Cost: $230.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 32 ct. Belfast linen, Gloriana and Weeks Dye Works threads, Skirtex, silk lining, other supplies needed, color photocopies, charts, instructions, hand-painted oval box

Class Number 204


Class Title: MonograMania
Teacher:  Mendie Cannon

Whether you stitch this design for yourself or as a gift it will bring years of beauty to any home.
Your initial(s) are surrounded by a wreath of flowers made with the basic Brazilian Embroidery Stitches of:  stem, couching, cast-on, bullion, and French or colonial knots.  I have used the letters from this design to stitch a wedding sampler for a very dear friend.  The adaptations are too numerous to mention.  Once the basic stitches have been mastered there is no end to the designs you can stitch with Brazilian Embroidery. The threads used in Brazilian Embroidery are 100% rayon and are Z-twist.  The threads usually used in hand embroidery, silks or cottons, are S-twist.  This difference means a slight change in the way some stitches are accomplished.

Technique: Brazilian Embroidery Design Area: 13 1/2" circle
Proficiency Level: Basic Kit Cost: $ 99.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Trigger cloth with design preprinted in wash-out blue ink, threads, needles, grabbers and instructions.  All 26 letters of the alphabet and a color photograph are provided.

Class Number 205

Buttercups & Bellslowers


Class Title: Basic Buttercups & Bellflowers
Teacher:  Celeste Chalasani

Imagine a meadow, sprinkled with beautiful wildflowers shimmering in the sunlight and bending in a light breeze.  This Stumpwork class brings this vision to life as students stitch the Common Buttercup (Ranunculus Acris) and Tall Bellflower (Campanula Americana) in Au Ver a Soie and Gloriana stranded silk thread and Anchor cotton floss on silk fabric.

Technique: Stumpwork Design Area: 4" x 6"
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 35.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Silk Shantung and cotton fabric; Au Ver a Soie and Gloriana stranded silk, and Anchor cotton floss; felt, wire and needles.

Class Number 206

Close To My Heart

Class Title: Close To My Heart
Teacher:  Ruthmarie Hofmann

Inspired by the personal medicine pouches of ancient cultures, this is a dimensional rectangular pouch and cover fashioned from 18 count colored mono canvas, embellished with basic canvas stitches in overdyed floss and 1-ply Japan gold, lavished with randomized eyelets, French knots, seed beads and small charms.  Flat edges are tightly finished with Nun’s stitch pre-work to allow the completed pieces to be pinch-folded and stitched into the pouch and lid.  The baroque-shaped lid drips with dangles and swags of a glass bead mix, allowing access to the pouch by sliding along the strung necklace. Students will have a choice of canvas, overdyed floss and bead mix combination; pre-work is required.

Technique: Canvaswork, Beadwork
Design Area: Bag: 1 1/2" x 2 1/2", Necklace: Variable, minimum 24"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 54.00
Pre-Work: Yes, 8 - 12 hrs  

Kit Contents: 18 ct. canvas, DMC Variations overdyed floss, gold-plated charms, seed bead mix, pressed Czech glass beads, bead-stringing wire, crimps, gold-plated findings, and goods to help control loose beads (felt pad & triangular tray), needles, instructions, & color images.

Class Number 207

Pocketful of Posies

Class Title: Pocketful of Posies
Teacher: Deanna Powell

Pocketful of Posies is the perfect place for avid beaders to keep their scissors.  This class offers the student the opportunity to learn how to do several intermediate/advanced techniques, such as circular right angle diamond stitch for the pocket and two step spiral stitch with crystals for the necklace strap.  The open weave stitch used for the pocket is an excellent base for the beaded leaves and flowers that grace this piece.  Special emphasis will be on teaching student how to embellish the pocket with herringbone flowers and Peyote leaves.

Technique: Beading  
Design Area: Bag: 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" w/tassel; Necklace: 34", adjustable
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 95.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Delica and seed beads, Swarovski crystals, embroidery scissors, Fireline beading thread, beading needles, workbook, instructions for finishing.

Class Number 208

Golden Peacock Feather

Class Title: Golden Peacock Feather
Teacher: Michele Roberts

A lovely piece of antique art nouveau jewelry, a brooch in the shape of a peacock feather, from a museum, inspired this design. This feather is a sampler of gold materials and techniques.  The design enabled each component of the feather to be created with different techniques and materials. This delicate goldwork sampler focuses on lines made more important by carrying more visual weight through texture and light refraction. Lines can be almost infinite in their variety and richness by combining various motifs with different visual weights. Modern gold design can incorporate a variety of media including colored metals, Swarovski crystals, seed beads, bugle beads, and composite materials with gold and colored silks. Techniques include numerous methods for invisibly attaching gold bullion and beads, pattern transfer.

Technique: Gold Bullion Embroidery & Beading
Design Area: 8" x 3 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Advanced Kit Cost: $125.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: White silk Dupioni over muslin, several styles of gold bullion, Swarovski crystals in several shapes, various types of beads, wardrobe of Needles, couching threads, beeswax, and other items, bound color booklet.

Class Number 209

Winter Birds

Class Title: Winter Birds
Teacher: Gail Sirna

A forest of birch limbs forms the background of this design, and the leafless branches glisten in the new fallen snow.  Ensconced among the white branches are three charming birds that frequent the north during the winter months.  One is an Eastern Bluebird, the other a Black Capped Chickadee.   Both birds are worked in the needlepainting technique that gives them a totally realistic effect.  And subtly hiding in the background is a cardinal.  Snow is falling on the birches.    It glistens in the sun, and gives a fairyland appearance to the scene.  This scene evokes a bit of magic in what is often a bleak landscape.  The design is inspired by the beautiful bags and catalogs used by Nordstroms for Christmas 2010.

Technique: Canvaswork Design Area: 6" x 9"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $100.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Congress cloth, all threads/materials needed, including Waterlilies & Soie d'Alger silk floss, Kreink metallics, Accentuate, beads.

Class Number 210

Mirror Image

Class Title: Mirror Image
Teacher: Kay Stanis

The flash of silver and gold combine with mirrors to create a crystalline drama in needlework. Combining geometric and organic serpentine shapes we will explore the beauty of goldwork.  Dimensional use of mirrors adds a fascinating, contemporary look. Mirrors and beads will be attached as we explore new methods of working.  Goldwork techniques of cutwork, kid, and couching variations will be employed with needlepoint filling stitches. Knowledge of Hilton stitches, i.e. Amadeus and Jessica, helpful.

Technique: Comtemporary Goldwork Design Area: 9" x 9"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 75.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Congress cloth, all materials necessary to complete the design.

Class Number 211

Irish Blessing Sampler


Class Title: Irish Blessing Sampler
Teacher: Catherine Theron

This counted thread sampler, featuring some of my favorite things, is stitched on 32-count linen & measures 12” wide by 24” long. It is worked with various silk & cotton flosses in shades of red, green, gold, brown, & blue with hints of black & cream.  A vine of strawberries surrounds the large Christmas colored Scottish-type alphabet, a lovely home & grazing sheep, an old Irish Blessing, & a hunt scene.  Stitches used include Long Arm Cross, Diagonal Cross, Smyrna, Padded Satin, Diagonal Satin, Satin, Petit Point, Cross-Stitch over one, Double Running, Double Italian Cross, Cushion Stitch, Four-Sided Stitch, Montenegrin, Double Alternating Back Stitch, Oblong Cross Variations, Oblong Smyrna Cross, Florentine, Stem Stitch, Colonial Knot, Upright Cross, & Slanted Encroaching Gobelin.

Technique: Counted Thread Design Area: 12" x 24"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Advanced Kit Cost: $220.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 32-count fabric, practice fabric, needles, silk & cotton flosses, color copies, directions, charts, & diagrams.

Class Number 212

Pinata Party Time

Class Title: Piñata Party Time
Teacher: John Waddell

We are going to take the shape of a piñata and color it with the six (6) color points from a color wheel.  We will fill the areas with a variety of shaded eyelet stitches.  We will each deconstruct the stitches and choose from the four (4) shades of each color point to develop stitches for each color area.  A metallic thread will be used for accent.  Between each of the areas we will add a wrapped backstitch using the two (2) adjacent colors to form the look of a cord.  The central element will be nosegay of silk ribbon and embroidered flowers.  To accent the festive nature we will couch two colors of a multi-colored yarn to represent serpentine and sequins to represent confetti.  As a last finishing element we will add two handmade Mexican mugs to help the party along!

Technique: Canvas Work Design Area: 7" x 8"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 82.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Line drawn canvas (#18 white mono canvas) with printed stitching instructions.  All threads and silk ribbons for stitching the piece, embellishments and needles.


We have made every effort to describe each class accurately.  Please rely on the class description as your primary guide in choosing your class(es), paying particular attention to the techniques used, materials and level of difficulty.  If a student registers for a class that is beyond the student's proficiency level, we are not responsible for the student's success in the class. 

To help you select a class, please be familiar with the following EGA proficiency-level definitions:

BASIC:  No experience with the technique being taught is necessary.

INTERMEDIATE:  Knowledge of basic stitches, materials, and their use in the technique being taught is required.

ADVANCED:  Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique is required. The student also should have knowledge of color design that will allow exploration and creativity.

ALL LEVELS:  Class is suitable for all levels.

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