1 Day Classes

Class Number 101

Ukrainian Star Ornament


Class Title:  Ukrainian Star Ornament
Teacher: Terri Bay

This is an Ukrainian Whitework design incorporating the regional Mereshka Poltavska technique. It is a great introduction to Ukrainian Whitework and  a truly enjoyable one day class.  This 4 inch square ornament is worked on 28 count linen with two sizes of pearl cotton. Stitches included are satin, pulled double cable, spot eyelet, buttonhole eyelet, ladder hem stitch, and Roman stitch. While some of the pulled stitches venture into the intermediate level, the Mereshka section is basic level. 

Technique: Ukrainian Whitework Design Area: 4" x 4"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 30.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents:  28 count linen, DMC pearl cotton size 8 & 12, needles, charts and instructions.

Class Number 102

Hillie's Trainers

Class Title: Hillie's Trainers
Teacher:  Margaret Bendig

The perfect footwear for a little Witch in training . . . she can never find a matching pair of shoes!  But she knows she likes sparkles and pink, purple & green with black. Our little witch’s shoes will be ready to sit on your table or mantle by the time Halloween rolls around. Each shoe measures 6” long by 3” wide and each is stitched with two different patterns. We will discuss plaids and ginghams as we work on our shoes. In class there will only be time to start one of them, so think ahead and be ready to go. Stitching materials for both shoes are included in the kit along with detailed finishing methods that we will discuss in class. Finishing materials are not included but all patterns for completing the little shoes are included along with the photographic directions. It is time to add cobbling to your repertoire of talents!

Technique: Counted Canvas Work Design Area: 6" x 3"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 60.00
Pre-Work: Yes, 2 hours  

Kit Contents: for both slippers: 18 count canvas, all threads for stitching, needles and instructions, finishing instructions, and color cover photo.

Class Number 103

Finishing Facts

Class Title: Finishing Facts
Teacher:  Marcia Brown

Finishing Facts is a notebook-style class, creating a collection of sample cards, housed in a custom-made box.  It provides a course for students to create six sample cards exemplifying finishing materials – linings and interlinings, simple tassel construction, 1-2-and 3 color twisted cords, silk ribbon embellishment of a construction line of stitching and construction of the decorative tuft.  The course will teach the student the principles of lining a container (the provided box).  Students will finish each activity in class and have a completed box filled with the sample cards for reference when finishing their own future projects.  This hands-on course is fun and informative for those who are interested in adding professional finishes to their own projects.

Technique: Finishing Techniques Design Area: Various
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 70.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Pre-printed glossy sample cards for each activity, fibers, lining and interlining samples, silk ribbon, box lining fabric and foam, 8x8 glossy box, ribbon for box embellishment, EGA sticker.

Class Number 104

Window Box

Class Title: Window Box
Teacher:  Mendie Cannon

Have you often seen houses with window boxes filled with wonderful flowers and ferns? Wouldn’t you like to have them but don’t have the right house for them?  Well, now you can have a window box and the best part is it lasts all year long with no effort.  We will fill our window box with Sedum, succulent ferns, Caraway flowers, Mask flowers, and Morning Glories.
This simple but beautiful design is a delight to stitch and will be a wonderful addition to your home.  We will complete this design using stem stitch, outline stitch, French or colonial knots, cast-on stitch, bullions and more.  The rayon threads will give this piece sheen and luster and the dimensionality of the flowers will add interest.  An explanation of the various threads used will be provided as well as the proper preparation and storing of them.  A brief explanation of Brazilian embroidery will also be provided.

Technique: Brazilian Embroidery Design Area: 7" x 7"
Proficiency Level: Basic Kit Cost: $ 85.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Design preprinted on the fabric in wash-out blue ink, threads, needles, grabbers, instructions and color photograph.

Class Number 105

Basic Stumpwork Techniques

Basic Stumpwork Technique Basic Stumpwork Techniques

Class Title: Basic Stumpwork Techniques
Teacher:  Celeste Chalasani

This class is aimed at both beginning students and experienced students who wish to refresh their skills.  Students will learn and practice making wired slips, padded slips, and needle lace that are used in traditional and contemporary Stumpwork.  The focus of the class will be on learning and improving technique.  Students will create a notebook with text, photos, and stitched samples. Each lesson will answer five basic questions about a technique (What, When, Where, Why and How) and will show the students how to use the shape from the lesson to produce a small design.  Finished product will be an instructional notebook with instructional text, photos, and stitched samples.

Technique: Stumpwork Design Area: Stitch Notebook
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 65.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Notebook/journal, fabric, threads, beads, felt, ultra suede, needles and wire.

Class Number 106

Beady Wearables

Class Title: Beady Wearables
Teacher:  Ruthmarie Hofmann

From the participant’s choice of simple lines to bead-encrusted, anyone can fashion an original 2” beaded pin/pendant using a lush mix of seed beads and small pressed beads on batik fabric.  Bring a piece of abstract batik cotton fabric to customize a spontaneous assemblage of basic bead embroidery from lines, stacks, picot edging, to spikes and dangles and frisky little swags along the padded edge of a covered half-ball button form.  No two variations are ever alike and the nimble-fingered might even flaunt their own Beady Wearable that very evening! Color choice of bead mixes will be provided.

Technique: Beadwork Design Area: 2" Round Pin & Dangles
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 25.00/ Partial Kit
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Seed bead mix, beading thread, needles, pin/pendant finding, embroidery hoop, fleece pad & triangular tray for controlling loose beads.

Class Number 107

Never Enough Earrings

Class Title: Never Enough Earrings
Teacher: Deanna Powell

This is the perfect class to add three new pairs of earrings to your collection while learning a new beading stitch or expanding upon your repertoire.  The selections includes spiral earrings with Swarovski pearls, double needle Peyote stitch tubes, and sparkly Swarovski crystal wheels.  Each pair of earrings has a different finding to finish off the look.  Special emphasis will be on teaching you double needle Peyote stitch, spiral stitch variations, as well as delightful crystal wheels that can be incorporated into other designs. 

Technique: Beading Design Area: Various
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 60.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Delica and seed beads, Swarovski pearls, crystals, rondelles and findings, Fireline beading thread, beading needles, workbook.

Class Number 108

"Fauxberge" Rose Trellis Egg

Class Title: "Fauxberge" Rose Tellis Egg
Teacher: Michele Roberts

Add glittering crystals, glass, gilded beads, and real gold to a needlepoint egg and it takes the stitching to a new level: almost as good as the REAL Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs. Let’s call this luxurious egg a “Faux”-bergé egg! (The French word “faux” means imitation.)  The real Romanov egg was made in 1907 for the Empress Alexandra of Russia.  The original egg has green enamel over gold.  The trellis is made of diamonds mounted in silver.  The roses and the leaves are made of precious stones and enamel.  Our stitched egg uses several luxury materials for its effect. The background is a simple Bargello pattern worked with Neon Rays Plus rayon/metallic ribbon. The trellis is made of interwoven gold wire embellishment braid. The roses and vines are partially stitched, and heavily encrusted with Swarovski aurora borealis flowers, Czech aurora borealis pressed glass leaves, and gold plated Delica beads.

Technique: Needlepoint, Surface Embroidery
Design Area: 4 1/2"x3 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 80.00
Pre-Work: Yes, Bargello Background, 6 hrs  

Kit Contents: 18 ct. canvas, Neon Rays Plus, gold wired embellishment braid, Swarovski foil backed rose aurora borealis crystals, Czech aurora borealis pressed glass leaves, 24 carat gold plated Delica beads, Beading thread, Beeswax, wardrobe of needles, bound color book.

Class Number 109

Class Title: Isle des Arbres
Teacher: Gail Sirna

Isle des Arbres is a small piece  (about 5” x 7”) which was derived from my larger design, Thousand Islands Thousand Colors. It depicts a number of different trees in the full glory of autumn color, clustered together on a small island.    There are three birch trees that have already shed their leaves, and they are adjacent to a majestic Crimson King Maple and a brilliant oak tree.  Two spruces in their characteristic blue-green offer some color contrast, and a yellow poplar tree completes the scene.  The trees are worked mostly in intriguing canvaswork stitches, with two others in needlepainting.  The sky and the water are done in fast moving and effective stitches that enhance the island effect.

Technique: Canvas Work Design Area: 5" x 7"
Proficiency Level: Basic Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 50.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Congress cloth, DMC floss, overdyed floss, instructions, all materials to complete the design.

Class Number 110

Dragonfly Shimmer

Class Title: Dragonfly Shimmer
Teacher: Kay Stanis

Light catches the vivid iridescence on the wing. Learn to work with one of the most beautiful natural elements of the East. Beetle wings have been used since medieval times in the courts and temples from Japan to India.  On a foundation of blackwork done in variegated braid is a dragonfly worked in beetle wings held 2 ways: as a detached element and as a bead. Glass beads make up the rest of the body. Students will learn how to shape and attach the wings and there will be discussion on Sternocera culture.

Technique: Mixed Media Design Area: 4" x 4"
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 30.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: All materials necessary to complete the design except the working frame

Class Number 111

Wee Sampler Sewing Book

Wee Sampler Sewing Book

Class Title: Wee Sampler Sewing Book
Teacher: Catherine Theron

This small sewing book measures 4” wide by 3” high when folded shut. The front cover is an interpretation of an antique sampler in the teacher’s possession & is stitched on 32-count linen in shades of blue, salmon, green, & brown. The back cover is stitched with personalization. The book’s binding & lining are green silk.  When opened, the book reveals a needle page, a small pincushion, & a scissors sheath. There is a scissors fob to finish off the accessories.  Stitches used are Petit Point, Cross-Stitch Over One, Stem Stitch, Nun’s Stitch, & a Knotted Edge Stitch.

Technique: Counted Thread Design Area: 4" x 3"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 72.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 32 ct. linen, silk fabric, silk threads, linen needle page, skirtex, iron-on interfacings, wool batting, Ultrasuede, silk ribbon, mother-of-pearl buttons, charts, directions, color copy, & vintage-style scissors.


Class Number 112

Pollo Azul

Class Title: Pollo Azul
Teacher: John Waddell

This canvas class starts with my finding vintage tiles in a Mexican tile factory.  We will work with the historic Mexican tile color palette of the time.  We will do this tile in a finished tile form with border and background.  All supplies, including stretcher bars and tacks, are included in the kit.  This tile is part of a series I have designed.

Technique: Canaswork Design Area: Approx 6" x 6 1/4"
Proficiency Level: All Levels Kit Cost: $ 43.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Line drawn canvas, mini-stretcher bars, tacks, masking tape, needles, cotton floss, Black Ultra-fine tip Sharpie Pen, color picture, and instructions.


We have made every effort to describe each class accurately.  Please rely on the class description as your primary guide in choosing your class(es), paying particular attention to the techniques used, materials and level of difficulty.  If a student registers for a class that is beyond the student's proficiency level, we are not responsible for the student's success in the class. 

To help you select a class, please be familiar with the following EGA proficiency-level definitions:

BASIC:  No experience with the technique being taught is necessary.

INTERMEDIATE:  Knowledge of basic stitches, materials, and their use in the technique being taught is required.

ADVANCED:  Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique is required. The student also should have knowledge of color design that will allow exploration and creativity.

ALL LEVELS:  Class is suitable for all levels.

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